25849 aka What do Mousetraps smell of?

It could be a Spanish Christmas lottery number, or the distance in meters to your work, or the price of that car you like with all its extras…

Actually it’s the price of success. 25849 is the number of non-stop performances that The Mousetrap had achieved yesterday (26/11/14), when I attended the St Martin’s Theatre performance of the great classic, the all-time record for a piece to run in a theatre –62 years!!! And although I’m sure that some people think of it as a rank cheesy fragrance, I would rather say it’s a classic scent that will never go out of style.


The piece is as robust and effective as its performance suggests: we were really thrilled and wondering for its whole duration. As a big Christie‘s fan I knew the story, but I was caught again all the same in its master mystery -and no need to ask me not to spoil it, I never would!

The cast depicts very precisely the varied characters without falling in common places, and it’s impressive how they manage to adequate the speech to keep a balance in their accents, to make them understandable for tourists and strangers while making them clearly recognizable…

Last night I celebrated theatre in its earnest, most direct form. A big memory for a sad goodbye -my lovely ginger Lula departs for warmer isles, leaving me incomplete and smilebroken…


Lula Lebowski and me paying tribute to the one and only Agatha. Big thanks to Antonio J. Pérez for the pics

Let me know your impressions - Hazme llegar tus impresiones

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