Smellio like glee’s spirit


It had been long since I had laughed so hard and so often as to make all the coach I travelled in look, who dared let such a guffaw loose! And such a surprise they had, when they saw I was READING. OMG, they must have thought I was insane or something. But that’s not the point. The book is a killer. In every sense. You like B movies, with all the gore and zombies and all that? You like crazy talent shows with herds of loners as an audience? You like loosers doing every single thing wrong and some thrill in the story? You can have all that in this book!

About the author I can only say he’s the person who has written more and for the longest time, at least that I know. Wait, no, it was Kim Jong-Il, now that I recall… ¬¬ Anyway, whichever the reason for this book not to have a named author, I hope that she’ll go on delighting us with his unbearably incredible stories, but told in such a funny way that you let him go on with all what she wants. I recommend it highly. All the stars.

Mr. Anonymous, I will grab myself the previous two books, with great expectations! I’m sure you’ll make me LMFAO again. And I’ll be waiting for the next one of the series to be published as well!!

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